Rental Cost

Contact us and we will

provide you with a free quote!     smile

You are welcome to pay by check or cash as long as it is paid by the deadlines set. 

Credit cards have a 3% bank processing fee.  You are more than welcome to pay by credit card. Sorry we just could not absorb the bank fees. Visa/MasterCard/Discover Accepted. 

Weekly Weekend (2 Night)

6 Nights Min $750

10% Discount

($675 with Discount)


($125 x 2)

Set Fees for 2022


Security Deposit - Due at the time of booking.  Refundable with no damages.  (Allow up to 15 days for deposit return). 

If you pay by credit card sorry there is a 3% bank fee (equals $15) which will be $515 on your card. 

(x .06)

Michigan State Tax is calculated on the rental fee balance


Fee includes: RV Set Up, Tear Down, Tank Evacuation & Cleaning (includes dumping & deodorizer).  We handle all of this for you.  Non-Negotiable

$2.50 per mile round trip

Delivery Fee - From our door to your campsite.  We do the towing and set up/tear down so you don't have to! 



Dog Rate (Max 2 dogs - No Cats or other) Non-Refundable

Proof of Current Rabies Vaccination Required

Discounts Offered

Military Discount with Proof of Service

Return Customer Discount

Referral Discount